Konami World Championship

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Tournament Winners

May Tournament: KWC

Structure Tournament: Greto Kaibou

Tag Tournament:
Greto Kaibou

Sept 08 Tournament: Supreme King

Nov 08 Tournament: xCh4tox

Dec 08 Tournament: Shikimaru

DME 09 Tournament: Futte

March 09 List Tourney: KWC

Farewell YGO WC 2008 Tourney Cup: KWC

5D's Structure June: DarkestDion

5D's Sep 09: ZeroHero

5D's D.M.E. 09: maestro

5D's 5 Trials to Glory 09:

5D's WDGP WC 2010:

MarchingFishes, ultimate0, ~Paradox~

5D's Structure 10:

Event Winners

Shadow Games Overlord: KWC

Duel World Event: DivineGod

House Party Guest of Honor: vane1

www.konamiwc-forums.com banner event: LightOfTwilight

Yugi-Poke Cross Event 09:

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

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