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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus Walkthrough

Posted by DarkestDion on March 1, 2011 at 11:24 PM

1. Story Mode/Walkthrough


The story begins as you see a cutscene people living their life at different places such as Turbo Dueling. 3 humans cloaked in white appeared, talking about avoiding some kind of destruction, not much is explained here.

CHAPTER 1 ~The Beginning~ The Frontier Lands, Crash Town.

Klaus, who looks old, wakes you up from a dream about being a turbo duelist in the city, because you been sleeping really long and then telling you that being a turbo duelist is impossible. He explained to you that he had to go to work, which is digging up Dyne. Just before he leave, he tells you that your deck is on the table.

If you didn't noticed, you start with 1500 DP (Dueling Points, or money) and you can buy packs with this money. Each duel you do youll get around at least 450+ DP you win. For those who don't know how to make a deck with the beginning packs, feel free to netdeck what I use, and the packs necessary to get. If you want more than 1 copy, I recommend using the password system, and punch in the code for the card. (You can find codes in websites or google.) Since most of em come from the first 4 packs, it wont be easy to get em all. No worries, those packs come with other strong cards you can survive with.

Monsters: 22

Breaker the Magical Warrior x2 (Dark Revelation Volume 1)

Chaos Sorcerer x2 (Dark Revelation Volume 2)

Cyber Dragon x3 (Synchro Awakens!!)

Gravekeeper's Guard (Dark Revelation Volume 1)

Gravekeeper's Spy x3 (Dark Revelation Volume 1)

Mobius the Frost Monarch

Naturia Cherries x3

Ryko - Lightsworn Hunter

Sangan (Dark Beginning 2)

X-Saber Airbellum x2 (Synchro Awaken!!)

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch x3 (Dark Revelation Volume 2)


Spell: 10

Book of Moon x2 (Dark Beginning 2)

Dark Hole (Dark Beginning 1)

Monster Reborn (Dark Beginning 1)

Mystical Space Typhoon x2 (Dark Beginning 1)

Shrink x2

Smashing Ground x2 (Dark Revelation Volume 2)


Traps: 8

Bottomless Trap Hole x2 (Dark Beginning 2)

Call of the Haunted  (Dark Beginning 1)

Mirror Force (Dark Beginning 2)

Sakuretsu Armor x2 (Dark Revelation Volume 1)

Solemn Judgment (Dark Beginning 2)

Torrential Tribute (Dark Beginning 1)


Synchro: 15

Ally of Justice Catastor x2 (Synchro Awaken!!)

Ally of Justice Field Marshal (Justice Strikes Back!!)

Ally of Justice Light Gazer x2 (Invasion of Worms!!)

Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Synchro Awaken!!)

Flamvell Uruquizas (Synchro Awaken!!)

Gaia Knight the Force of Earth

Goyo Guardian (The Duelist Genesis)

Lightning Warrior

Magical Android

Mist Wurm x2 (Synchro Awaken!!)

X-Saber Urbellum (Synchro Awaken!!)

X-Saber Wayne (Invasion of Worms!!)


Pick up your deck by investigating the table, and then go outside. A little boy named West will run to you and a girl walks to you named Nico. You will learn that the card shop will finally open. West can't wait and runs to his hideout. Nico tells you to come to the hideout with them at north.

Before you go there, go to the lower left corner of the map and investigate the ground (You'll see a yellow arrow) and you will find a Star Chip, which is good for later. Go north till you see a intersection. Get in the building on your left with the flowers and investigate the flowers at the left, you will find another Star Chip. Go out the flower shop and then keep going north till you reach the hideout. (You may see some glowing things on the floor, pick em up for minor rewards)

Once you arrive at the hideout, before you enter, investigate the box at the lower left corner of the hideout to get a Hanewata card. Once you enter the hideout, West and Nico want to show you something, but while it gets ready, West asked if you want to duel, and explain the Crash Town Style special rules. Which is easy to do, you gotta input the buttons in order it shows before the duel as fast as you can, a wrong button and you are frozen for a few. Whoever inputs all their buttons goes first, no choices. Choose to duel West.


West - My Almighty Legend - 750 Ranking - 375DP

Its basically a deck using cards such as Turbo Rocket and low level monsters to synchro summon Turbo Cannon or Armory Arm, no big threats here. Don't be afraid to go all out. Don't estimate the first duelist because he sure can Special summon to get his synchros before you know it. Don't be surprised if he attacks your stronger monster because if he does he will special summon Turbo Booster at the 2nd Main Phase.


After the duel, West will give you a Spore Card if you win. Nico can't find a certain card, and West wants her to duel you. Duel Nico to go forward in the story.


Nico - Pretty and Prettier - 780 Ranking - 390DP

She runs a variety of plants and cards that supports em. Watch out for her trap cards such as Wall of Thorns.  She also have Hedge Guard so don't make haste to victory if she has a monster and some cards in her hands. She got some monsters such as Magical Android in her extra deck that she can summon.


You are rewarded with a Krebons card, which is really useful. Now that those two are dueled (and got owned), they gonna give you duel puzzles. They tell you to pick one, and if you get 3 of em right,they will give you a prize! Are you excited? No? Anyway pick a puzzle and solve it, then repeat.


Duel Puzzle 1

Activate Raigeki Break, Discard Steelswarm Caucastag and destroy Gravity Bind

Activate Recurring Nightmare, taking both cards back and then use Double Summon

Summon Sentinel and then tribute both monsters to summon Caucastag, destroy all monsters and direct for win.


Duel Puzzle 2

Activate Gishki Vanity from your hand

Activate Gishki Ceremonial Mirror to summon Evigishki Soul Ogre then use its effect to return Scrap Goblin in the deck, then attack for win.


Duel Puzzle 3

Summon Gusto Gulldo and activate Thunder Crash then activate its effect to bring Skwirl to the field.

Activate Thunder Crash again and activate Skwirl's effect to bring out Reeze.

Use Limit Reverse to ressurect Skwirl from the grave then activate Reeze's effect, swapping your Skwirl for your opponent's monster.

Attack for the win


Duel Puzzle 4

Activate Fine, chain it with Naturia Rock and summon it, then discard Naturia Bamboo Shoot and Spore.

Activate Supervise and activate GigaPlant's effect, bringing back Bamboo Shoot. Use Genex Ally Birdman, returning Bamboo Shoot to the hand as a cost to summon him.

Tribute Rock for Bamboo Shoot, then activate Spore's effect in the graveyard to special summon it. Synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend  by sending Spore and Gigaplant, who will be ressurected again because of Supervise.

Attack any marshmallons with Red Dragon Archfiend first and attack with the rest for win.


Duel Puzzle 5

Activate Aegis of Gaia and then summon Gale Dogra, send Shooting Star Dragon to the graveyard.

Use Miracle Synchro Fusion, to special summon Dragon Knight Draco Equiste

Activate Soul of the Pure and then activate Burial from a Different Dimension to return Shooting Star Dragon, Scrap Goblin and Beast

Activate Pot of Benevolence to send both Scrap monster in the deck, then activate Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste twice

Activate Instant Fusion to bring Flower Wolf and Emergency Teleport to bring Psychic Commander,  Synchro summon Scrap Dragon then use its effect to destroy gravity bind and Gale Dogra. Then keep attacking for win.


After you solved 3 of those puzzles, Nico will give you a Enemy Controller card. A guy named Toru comes at the hideout, came for a tool that he needs to continue working on his duel runner. As the card shop opened, West rushed outside toward the store. Now it is time to go to the Card Shop that just opened! Go south till you reach the crossroads. West will tell you he got some good cards in his deck, and he is telling that a Rental Deck Duel Tournament is gonna occur by the shop. Rental Decks are like Structure Decks, except they aren't real in the real world and they are more powerful. West also said that one of the competitors didn't showed up yet, so take a hard guess what you gonna do. That's right, you gonna replace him! Yay! Nico and West also participated so now go inside the card shop which is close to you, Iranami will ask you if you are interested in a Rental Deck Duel, although you don't have a choice, you signed up, and talk to her so you can start the tournament. (yes only you can advance the plot, not the time...)

Your first round is against West, since there is no fix deck what he gonna choose, you gotta choose a Rental Deck that you prefer, and those decks are pretty sharp. (I personally chose Lightsworn, Six Samurai and Infernity, but my personal favorite is Fusion Heroes)


After you are done with West, go save and proceed to the 2nd round, you will be against Nico this time. Then after you are done with her, go save again and go to the 3rd round.

You'll be up against Narumi, the 'evil' shopkeeper, win 3rd round and you are the victor of this tournament. After you won the tournament, you will be awarded with a Dark End Dragon card.

As West ran toward his hideout so he can train, Nico was wondering if he knew his Dad will come home soon, and also told you that Klaus should be already back, now lets pay him a visit shall we? Go south of the town.

On your way here, you will see a guy entering Crash Town, coming to you asking where is the Card Shop so he can participate in the tournament, but since the tournament is over, he is angry and decides to duel you because you filled for him, to see who should had participated. Sure you are to blame only because the dude was late, makes sense right? Choose to duel him.

Bronson - Wasteland Blokes - 820 Ranking - 410DP

Typical Light/Warrior/Gemini deck with gemini/normal support such as Gemini Spark and Symbol of Duty. (Needs more info) Just kill his monsters before he gemini summon his Future Samurai, and you will be alright, he needs Light monster in the graveyard so he can use Freed the Brave Wanderer's effect. Many things in his deck can wipe out your monsters so be sure to have backups and not leave yourself open.

After the duel, he was impressed by your dueling skill and decided it was better that you took his place. he gives you a Soul Taker card. Now go in your house and see Klaus, who was waiting for you, telling he is going to satellite shopping early tomorrow, so you should go to bed. Before you go to bed, go north at the hideout and do the 2 other Duel Puzzles you haven't done for the DP, now go to  your house and talk to Klaus to sleep. A question though, where does Klaus sleep? There is only one bed with one pillow on it. Is he sleeping on the table?

CHAPTER 2 ~The Encounter~ Team Satisfaction

You woke up early and walk up toward the exit of crash town to see Klaus waiting for you. Just before you leave, Toru runs to you, full of energy, wants you to get him some Duel Runner parts while you go to Satellite. He will give you some money and a list of parts that he needs.

Once Klaus and you leaves and arrives safely to satellite, you are on your own now looking for the Duel Runner parts! Now go south, you will see a little girl dressed in blue who is trying to find a guy named Crow, once she sees you, she is asking you for your help finding him, once she joins you, go to the right. You and the little girl, who is Lilie, sees Crow. He was worried bout her and the way she cries saying that man/woman... Not letting her finish talking, Crow thinks you kidnap her, and won't forgive you. (Yeah of course, if you were a kidnapper, you would bring back the kidnapped right?). So you go into a duel against crow, no choices.


Crow Hogan - Ascending Legend - 920 Ranking - 460DP

As you probably guessed if you know Crow well, he uses a Blackwing deck and its support card. Bottomless Trap Hole and cards that prevents Special summon can be really good, your Chaos Trap Hole that you started with can be pretty. His Blackwing deck isen't as sharp as the Rental Deck, but you still gotta be careful for his Shura and his Kaluts. He runs alot of blackwings even the unnecessary ones so you'll have a easy time.


After you beaten Crow, he still won't forgive you, but Lilie interrupts and tells you what really happened. Crow yells at Lilie because she's crying too much rather than explaining what's really going on. She explained she was lonely and scared and once Crow comes apologizing to you, Lilie cried and ran away calling Crow stupid. He is giving you Blacking - Blizzard the Far North card as a 'I am sorry' gift, which is useless at the moment and then ran away, I suposse to find Lilie, idk.

Once you beat Crow or at the start of Chapter 2 (Need clarification) you will unlock two Card Packs, Soul of the Duelist and Flaming Eternity, and a duel music for free duel. Flaming Eternity got Lightning Vortex and Threatning Roar, which are nice. Soul of the Duelist got powerful Level effect monsters, such as Horus lvl8.


Now you are back under control. Go south and follow the road (or go to the furthest right on the bridge, you may find a random card such as Blast Magician or Silent Swordsman lv 5) , don't enter the building its useless at the moment, just pass by. At the next screen go north and talk to the guy dressed in red. Someone with a troll-face says that he knows where you can buy some Duel Runner part, and follow him. If you say Gordon sent you there, they will treat you well, let's go inside.


You will see a black guy with a yellow mohawk, before you talk to him, investigate the pile of tires for a DP code of 1500 DP. Speak to the guy and show him the list of the parts and he will go get you the part. You get...'Parts Toru Requested' in exchange for money. Now go outside and go right then north.

The guy in red Gordon will sneak up on you and then steal the parts you just bought, now run to the right. You'll see him enter the building, follow him, as you get inside, you will be pushed by a Rude Man (I swear that's his name) saying what you were doing going into someone's house. You told him about Gordon, he said he didn't seen him and tells to stop accusing him for stuffs, then 2 other men comes side to side, which makes you surrounded. You hear from out the screen someone shouting. You'll notice Kalin and Yusei at one side, Kalin telling that this area is controlled by Team Satisfaction. The guys never heard of this team, so they asked who they are. Jack replied from the other side that they are Team Satisfaction.  Kalin tells you to go chase the guy that got inside, so get inside.


Once you enter, you can save and then enter the door at your right, you will see Gordon. Gordon is busted, had to rely the others to keep you away from him.  He explains to you that its the victim's fault in this town and think of it as a lesson and move on. (If I were really my character i'd punch him in the face and get my parts back) he asked if you wanna duel to get your parts back. Well, you know, dueling is the solution to everything so duel him.


Gordon - Gotham World - 870 Ranking - 435DP

He uses a Ice Barrier deck along with its support. Many of his monsters will simply stall your way to victory, just deploy the monster destruction cards when you see a stronger monster, or that jams you because of their effect. Get rid of his monsters before they get numerous, since Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier + Dewdark of the Ice Barrier can frustrate you. in addition, he can synchro summon Gungnir, which can wreck your field in a matter of seconds.

Now head outside after you get your parts back. You will see Yusei, Kalin and a random guy, Kalin criticize the weak thug alot and he ran away. Kalin says its a common trick that people snatch your stuffs. Yusei and Kalin both introduced themselves to you, asking your name after. Yusei is asking you if you can let him look at the parts you bought, after a while, he says that the parts were made with random stuffs and garbage. You bring both of them to the shop, as Kalin requested. Kalin will argue with the shopkeeper and give you back the 'Money for Parts'.

The problem is, there is no official parts around satellite, just random junk. He asks you about the name of the product,  Since you really need em, Yusei thinks he can help you get better parts.He will go get them for you soon. Kalin noticed he haven't seen Yusei so full of life in a long time, since there's nothing to do to kill time, go see Jack so you can thank him, go to the right then north, then keep going north till you come where you met Lilia, near the save spot you can see Jack. Talk to Jack, instead of thanking him, duel him.

Jack Atlas - Dragons' Lair - 1020 Ranking - 510DP

He uses a dragon deck with some dragon support cards. He runs high attack Dragon monsters, he also run Dark Resonator, a tuner monster that can resist an attack once per turn. His trap cards are mostly cards that will destroy your monsters like Bottomless Trap Hole, Raigeki Break and Prideful Roar, so be cautious. His Vice Dragon + Strong Wind Dragon can pack a punch especially with penetrate defense, or Vice Dragon + Dark Resonator/Magma Drago can bring his Red Dragon Archfiend/Exploder Dragonwing.

Jack can't believe he lost, but quickly changed subject and said it was a fun duel and gives you a Vice Dragon card. Kalin was impressed by the dueling, and wants to duel you too. Go save and then duel Kalin. Satisfy him with a good duel!

Kalin Kessler - The Enforcing Ones - 940 Ranking - 470DP

The best I can describe his deck is a random feast of dark fiend monsters, but mostly Archfiends. He will use the field spell Pandemonium, which all it can do is fetch himself monsters when archfiends are destroyed by card effects and prevent him to pay costs. Some of his monsters have high attack, so its a good idea to get your stronger monsters while you maintain a defensive line. Watch out if you direct attack him, you may run into battle fader or Tragoedia

After the duel, Kalin is glad to have met someone as tough as him, and is satisfying to lose. Since he is satisfied, he will give you the Vorse Raider card. He will try to get stronger and runs out of there, being alot happy, which is not common for jack. Yusei comes to you and give you 'Yusei's Recommended Parts'. Jack will tell Yusei that you are a good duelist and ask him to give it a try against you. He wants to duel you just to see how you made Kalin happy. Duel him.

Yusei Fudo - Rallying Warriors - 980 Ranking - 490DP

He uses a Synchron deck. He uses cards such as Quiltbolt Hedgehog, Dandylion, Shield Wing and cards that help him synchro, and cards that protects his monsters, like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. He got Junk Synchron, Junk Archer, and other Synchron Synchro monsters, his keycard Junk Destroyer is lethal once he gets many monsters, especially tokens. Just ruin his day with trap cards that destroys his hard earned monsters.

After your victory, Yusei will give you Junk Synchron. Now that its time to go, go north and you will see Klaus. Once you are ready and ready to go to crash town, talk to Klaus, you will go toward Crash Town with him.

CHAPTER 3 ~The Turning Point~ Just Me and My Duel Runner

You unlocked duelist packs and musics, Shadow of Infinity, Cybernetic Revolution and Power of the Duelist. Shadow of Infinity got Raviel, Uria and Hamon, but there is a good ritual monster called Demise King of Armageddon, other than that it got Ancient Gear support and Treeborn Frog. Cybernetic Revolution got the roid series, and the Cyber Dragon fusion, along with Machine support.  Power of the Duelist got some destiny heroes, aliens and neo-spacian support.

Klaus decides to chill at his home today because of the hard day. He tolds you if you had the parts that Toru asked, and says his house is just next to the one you are in. Go to that house next door and speak to Toru. He said he was about to drop by to get em, but since you are here, let's just give him the parts. Toru noticed that wasent exactly what he was looking for, but then he noticed the parts were better than what he asked. Once you told what happened the other day and gave back the money, He wasen't surprised that his parts was handmaded by Yusei and can't believe Team Satisfaction helped you and you dueled with em. He told you to tell the tale to West and Nico. Go north to the hideout!

Once you arrive here, West will ask you if you met Team Satisfaction, the legendary team that united all of satellite. As you told em you seen em, Nico and West wants to hear your story. When you explained what Crow does, Nico didn't believed that he take care of kids. Toru came and West asked him about if you told him your story, of course he's the reason that you told them your story! Nico blame Toru about all the dangerous situation you got in. He sweated and told that everything turned out well after all, and made a nice story. Toru announced that his duel runner is now completed and about to take a test drive on it, and asked if you guys gonna watch him. West ran outside impatiently and Toru follows him. Now go at the Southern exit of town, yes near your house.

As you arrived, West was waiting for Toru to arrive with his duel runner. Once he arrives, West was really impressed and once Toru gone in a run, West was watching, impressed again and seen the coolest thing he ever seen.  Toru was a little nervous when he was going really fast in a non-well maintained course. Toru offers you to take it for a spin, as West was kinda dissapointed that he can't ride the Duel Runner. So talk to him again, and be ready to drive! West is so jealous lol.

Ok, you press A to accelerate, B for brake and R for Turbo (although there is none on this Duel Runner) and the control pad to maneuver. Its basically like if you were playing any racing game, you got 3 minutes to do 1 lap. (That's what I think, or make a lap without being totaled) Avoid the dirt patches, and hit the turbo pads. Watch out for the boulders and the holes near the end of the lap  (I hitted 01:08:14 =)) If you looked carefully the track, how the heck did West watched Toru do his run???

Toru was impressed by your skills with the duel runner and West told you were faster than him. Toru was taking it personally a little too much and finally West said that you must have more talent as turbo duelist, Toru starts to chase West saying just be quiet. The hilarious part is when your character sweated or sighed.

-The Next Day-

Toru tells you to come outside quick by yelling from outside, Klaus tells you to go out there so he can shut up. (lol) Go outside. Toru is on his duel runner telling you that he is going into the City. He' is thanking Klaus for everything and that he takes care of himself and asks you to come soon. He said he can't wait to be a turbo duelist in the city. That is one way to rub it in your face your dream... Klaus tells you that you are wasting your time if you think about being a turbo duelist, and forget about it.

-Some time passes...-

West enters in your house, telling that he was looking for Nico, since he said she wasen't at her house, nor at your house, she must be at the secret hideout. (Since the start, idk if its really a SECRET hideout...) as they go outside, Klaus came to tell you that the war between the Malcolm Family and the Ramon Group is starting to get really serious, fighting over the right to the mine, building up their ranks to get even more powerful. (I do a little plagiarism from the game...i am sorry) Klaus tells to West that he shouldn't be alone by himself, and once he knows that Nico may be in the hideout, he will tell you to check for Nico there. Klaus will warn you about thugs, so be careful. Once Klaus and West goes inside the house, you are on your own.

(you may have Strike of Neos by that time, will update when I Will have clarification)

Go north, you will bump into a duelist who is named Virgil,  since he never saw you or that you don't appear from the Malcolm family, he challenges you to a duel.


Virgil - Angel's Bitter Dart - 940 Ranking - 470 DP

He uses a Light Fairy deck and some light and fairy supports, his keycard is Neo-Parshath The Sky Paladin. If you use Ally of Justice Catasor, you will do pretty well. He will use Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen to summon his high level fairies. Watch out for Herald of Orange light since he can activate it at anytime to negate your monster effects. Solemn Warning can also be a pain... keep all your destruction effects on the 5+ star monsters since he can replenish his hand by attacking your lifepoints. He has Honest too, if he uses it while you attack parshath, the draw will replace the honest he discarded. Keep protecting your cards and lifepoints, since Nova Summoner and Shining Angel can give you a hard time clearing your opponent's field. This is one tough duelist if you don't have alot of destruction cards, because Gellenduo and Marshmallon will stall you.

Virgil says that you are strong, and as long you are not enemy with him, no harm will be done. Then he runs away. Walk like 10-12 steps toward the north, and someone will run behind you, who is named Jemma, he is asking you which home you are from, the Ramon Group or the Malcolm Family. Since you aren't from any, he tells you that if you lose, you'll need to join the Malcolm Family. (yah, they accept people that loses.., makes perfect sense.


Jemma - Bone Destroyer - 1020 Ranking - 510 DP

Typical Zombie Deck and its support card. He will also use Zombie World, which can screw monsters with tributes requirements and decks that relies on a certain type. His key card is Soul Absorbing Bone Tower, which isen't a threat. Don't be reckless when he summon Zoma the Spirit, it may take a huge chunk of your lifepoints that you may need later, or might suicide into your stronger monster to take away your remaining life. Overall, this duel is easier than the previous one.


By winning, he said that that dosen't make you part of the Malcolm Family and he don't want you to join the Ramon Group too. (This blows my mind...) now continue going north till you arrived to the hideout, you will see Nico. She explained that she ran away and hid  Safter a stranger yelled at her. Since you are here she is not scared anymore, and now she is following you, go south. You will run into a guy named Scotch, who think you are a weak a helpless little kid. (You are at the same height as him...) He will duel against you and you got no choice.

Scotch - Rotten Recycler - 1080 Ranking - 590DP

You will once again face a Zombie deck, this deck also use Zoma the Spirit, its almost the same as the other deck you faced earlier except slightly better. He uses Goblin Zombie, Pyramid Turtles and Ryu Kokki/Red Eyes Zombie Dragon. He also got Plaguespreader Zombie to Synchro Summon. Whenever you see a Pyramid Turtle, it may suicide to bring a 2400 atk monster to gain advantage.


Scotch was ashamed of his loss and runs away.  Go back to your house and you will see Klaus and West. Once you arrived with Nico, Klaus will hear what happen and decided that the kids shouldn't not go out before the ruckus ends, so he asks the two kids to stay here for the night.



-The Next Day-


Klaus enters in the house, reporting that he got the two kids back to their hideout. He asks you how many duels you done yesturday, making it 3. Klaus will ask you to duel you so it will make your 4th duel, go talk to him and duel him.



Klaus - My Eyes Are Clear - 1140 Ranking - 570DP


Everyday Cloudian Deck, he will use alot of cloudians, Sanctuary of the Sky, Cloudian Squalls, Spirit Barriers and etc. Alot of Spell/Trap destruction (Breaker the Magical Warrior) and battle position change cards like Enemy Controller will be cake. Pay note his LP are invulnerable as long he got a Sanctuary of the Sky/Spirit Barrier and Cloudians in attack mode.



Since you beaten him, he will find you strong enough to use Beast King Barbaros card and gives it to you. He will take off your bed out of the way (where did he put it? o.o) and theres are stairs below where the bed was. On your way down, you will see a duel runner that belongs to your father, Klaus telling that your father had an accident riding it and died with your mother, which explains why Klaus didnt wanted you to continue getting involved bout being a duel runner in the city, also Toru's parents died the same way, riding em with your parents. Klaus won't prevent you to pursue your dreams anymore so the duel runner is now yours. He tells you that you and him should move to the city because of the Ramon and Malcolm ruckus that's happening, so now go tell Nico and West that you are moving by going to their hideout.


Before you go upstairs, go investigate the blue box near the runner, you will get Smashing Ground card. Now go to the hideout and see West and Nico. Nico will tell you once again her thanks for yesturday, and then you told em you are moving to the city. They are going to miss you, they know you will be a famous Turbo Duelist , and they are telling you that their dad is at the City because of his job, hence why the kids can't leave Crash Town.



Since you are under control, go to your house and talk to Klaus. He will tell you that you still got time before you go to the City, once you are ready to move here,  speak to Klaus again to go to Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 - ~Completion~  New Friends, New Partnerships

You will unlock some new cpu opponents and 2 card packs in shop, Tactical Evolution and Phantom of Darkness. Phantom of Darkness will contain Dark Monsters with dark support, including Dark Counterparts, while Tactical Evolution got Rainbow Dragon, ironically, there's no Crystal Beasts in there, beside you get Aliens, Venom, and Chrysalis monsters. (I made some change in my deck, I removed the Naturia Cherries, 1 Cyber Dragon and 1 smashing ground, to add 2 Apprentice Magician, 1 Old Vindictive Magician, 1 Crystal Seer and 1 Dark Armed Dragon)

Klaus will tell you that this is new territory to explore. Go out the room and find an evelator, go to the entrance and then go south outside. Once you are outside, go to the left and you will find a box that you can't miss, investigate it to get a star chip. After go to the north, you may see a flashing orb. Other than that, look at the north-west part before the stairs you will see an arrow. Investigate the floor to get another Star Chip, then after go north-east and you will find Luna's Custom Disk in a red box. Go back south.

There is a guy dressed in blue named Kazuhiro right outside the place you came out, who apparently collects Star Chips for her sister. You can buy things such as Alternate Art cards and Clothes/Disks for your character with your Star Chips here that you collected in Scenario mode and CPU Duels.

Go west from there, and then go south again, you will run onto someone who doesn't look like a random npc, who appears to be Misaki. The reason why she looks like she knows you is told if you win a duel against her. Since you can't go further to the south, duel her.

Misaki - Electrikiss - 1220 Ranking - 610DP

She uses a Watt deck and its support, which is a Light/Thunder archtype that has low attack and most of em attacks directly and if they deal direct damage it does some effects. She will stall you with some cards such as Honest, Threatning Roar and Swords of Revealing Light to protect her Watt monsters. She can be stupid and attack your defense monsters with Wattwoodpecker (she used it against my face up 2000 def GK Spy...) She can also special summon Level 5 Synchro monsters, which can drain your lifepoints fast if you don't watch what you are doing. (TIP: If Wattcastle gets destroyed, your monsters who got affected by it will regain back its attacks.)

Misaki understood that you were strong, so she gives you a 'Des Wombat' card. She asks you to follow her, and she doesn't love talking, now follow her. Once you enter in the building she mentioned, you will see Toru. He will be surprised to see you here, he asks Misaki how she get you here by herself, which we never heard her explain, and then you explained to Toru about you moving and the conditions to Crash Town. Toru is worried about the kids but knowing that their dad is okay, they should be fine. He introduce you the girl you just dueled, Misaki. She is good at mechanics is Turbo duelist. Toru decided to make a Riding team of three and enter tornaments and asks if you wanna be in the team, since you have no choice to accept, the team is formed. He says that you don't have a duel runner.

-You explained about the Duel Runner left by your parents.-

Toru knew about the story, and decided to investigate your duel runner, After a few seconds, they say that you should just replace everything, but since its your father's runner, all you three will decide to find the parts, which consist of a Engine, a CPU and a Frame. Since its holidays, you gonna just find the parts seperately, so they told you that Bootleg knows alot where to find em. Misaki is off to search and Toru searching for detailed parts, so do your part.

Get outta here and then go right. you will see a door on a red building next to a barrel, that's bootleg's. Before you go there, go north, and then check north-east wall, you will find a Star Chip, go down completely and then go right, at the corner there is a barrel, investigate it for another Star Chip, go back to Bootleg.

Go inside the building, you will see someone called 'Owner' ... wow...anyway speak to him, he said he might know something, but you gotta solve some duel puzzles first! 3 of em. If you solve 3 out of 5 duel puzzles, he will tell you what he knows about the parts.

Duel Puzzle 1 - 1200 DP

-Activate Raigeki Break, discard Quiltbolt Hedgehog and target Mirror Force.

-Summon Junk Synchron, special summon Speed Warrior with its effect

-Special Summon Hedgehog from the grave

-Synchro Summon Junk Warrior with Junk Synchron + Speed Warrior

-Attack with both, destroying Goyo with Junk Warrior

Duel Puzzle 2- 1400 DP

- Activate Junk Archer and target Stardust Dragon

- Activate Turbo Cannon and destroy Red Dragon Archfiend

- Activate Scrap Dragon, destroy Turbo Cannon and Black Rose Dragon

- Attack with both remaining monsters

Duel Puzzle 3 - 1600 DP

--Activate Double Summon

- Summon Naturia Butterfly and activate Give and Take

- Summon Naturia Pumpkin and activate its effect to bring Dragonfly

- Activate Smashing Ground

- Synchron Summon Leodrake with Pumpkin and Butterfly

- Attack for win

Duel Puzzle 4 - 1800 DP

Duel Puzzle 5 - 2000 DP

After you completed 3 of those duel puzzles, he will give you letter that you should give to Blister, which lives in the same appartment as you do, where you started your chapter. Go back here, but this time go to the 4F. As you go to the 4F, investigate the large picture, you will find a Star Chip, then enter the door next to it.


Before you speak to the guy, nab the red box to get 2000 DP. Once you give the letter to Blister, he will go get you a CPU for your duel runner. He can't give you more at the moment since thats all he have. He suggest the underground duel arena for more information, so go there, its southeast of Bootleg's.  Go downstairs and look at the barrels next to the glass shelf to find a star chip.  Talk to Figaro, the girl with purple hair. She will tell you that everything in the underground arena is thrown away by someone so its free to take, since she tells you to go away, investigate the glowy orb that wasent there northwest of her to find Engine. Now go outside toward the garage and you will see Misaki. She will tell you that she found a a frame in the plaza behind the garage. The key wont work so just go th the plaza. You will see Blister and someone else that we didn't see. Follow em. They were cleaning the plaza, and Blister thought about giving the frame to you.  Bolt will think about giving it away since someone actually wants it. Misaki will come to the plaza, after a discussion about Bolt not giving  the frame, Misaki call him the last obstacle for finishing the duel runner. Bolt propose for a tag duel, if you win you will get the duel runner. He will ask you if you know about how to tag duel, come back to em when you are ready to duel. If you lose, you need to try again.


Now be a greedy person and take the box, you will recieve 1500 DP. Now duel em.


A Duel of Men

Blister - Blister's Machiners - 1100 Rating

Bolt Tanner - Ex-Champion's Glory - 1100 Rating - 550 DP

A couple things you must keep in mind while tag dueling, return to hand cards are powerful, and don't run cards that may screw your partner. Example Destiny Board or Crystal Beast, and don't play Level decks on this. Especially with a A.I. partner, it may be difficult. Try to contribute and wipe out most of the other's cards.

Fron what I seen, Bolt Tanner uses Earth Insects, along with some support, while Blister uses Machina and some machine support. This duel might be easy, just look out for Bolt's random Tragoedia. Sometimes Blister will ruin himself using Machina Cannon by discarding mass numbers of machine, only to be toasted in a few turns.

You will unlock, a new partner and tag dueling mode.

After you win, you will get the frame, along with a Sangan card. Once you come back to the garage, Toru will tell you good job for getting em. After repairing your duel runner, it will look good as new. Since Toru is exausted, the duel runner will be tested the next day. Customize duel runner is now available. Go back at your place and rest. Once you enter your room, Klaus will wonder how you look that happy, he is surprised that you are neighbor with Toru again and learned that the duel runner is fixed.


-The Next Day-

Klaus will give you a Riding Suit as you woke up. He said that he will be always on your side no matter what.  Now go back at the garage and get your duel runner! Misaki and Toru were waiting for you. Now to get that test ride at the mountain pass and they realized the duel runner shop is opened, which means they couldnt break trouble finding parts but finding these parts means we are dedicated.


Now that you are at the Mountain Pass, you can't go really anywhere, beside a Duel Runner shop. Investigate the red box at the north and you will find a Mist Valley Falcon card. Now before you duel with Toru, take a moment to edit your Turbo Duel deck if you want. Here is my recipe. Not the best, because of the limited speed spells.



Apprentice Magician x2

Breaker the Magical Warrior x2

Chaos Sorcerer x2

Crystal Seer

Cyber Dragon x2

Dark Armed Dragon

Gravekeeper Guard

Gravekeeper's Spy x3

Mobius the Frost Monarch x2

Old Vindictive Magician

Ryko the Lightsworn Hunter


Spirit Reaper

X-Saber Airbellum x2

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch x3




Shrink x2

Soul Exchange

Soul Taker


Trap: 10

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Call of the Haunted

Mirror Force

Sakuretsu Armor x2

Seven Tools of the Bandit x2

Solemn Judgment

Torrential Tribute


Ally of Justice: Catastor x2

Ally of Justice Field Marshal

Ally of Justice Light Gazer

Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Flamvell Uruquiza

Gaia Knight the force of earth

Goyo Guardian

Lightning Warrior

Magical Android

Mist Wurm x2

X-Saber Urbellum

X-Saber Wayne

Now that you edited your deck of your choice, go turbo duel Toru. He 'can' explain the turbo duel rules for you.

Things to remind in Turbo Duels:

Your opponent will have more traps than usual, and they can also use the Speed World 2's effect, so keep an eye on the Speed Meter. Speed World 2's effect can be activated as many times as you want in the same turn, so you can burn damage to finish your opponent if you want as long you got a spell card.

Toru - Thanks, Scrap - 1160 Rating - 580 DP

Basically a Scrap-themed deck, which most of those monsters effect activates when they are destroyed by any scrap named cards. You shouldn't really have a problem, with the good traps and effects you can take it down easily. He can Synchro summon Scrap Dragon, which takes down one of his cards in exchange for one of yours. You will unlock the ACCELERATION 1ST GEAR booster pack (it contains speed spells), along with turbo dueling in the free duel mode. (I replaced my Seven Tools for 2 Mysticl Space Typhoon)


You will see a scene where theres 3 unknown persons again in white, one of em asking if the circuit responded, one of em said its all in his head and one other said it will not appear again for a while, and thats why they are preparing the duel bot, nothing else is explained.


Toru can't believe he lost, and Misaki is telling that you are good, or that Toru isen't actually good. Misaki will give you a powerful Normal monster called Gene-Warped Warwolf. After this, a blond guy will arrive, telling you that you can't use it without permission the road, Toru butts in and telling who he is, plus he tells that its a public road. He tell that how Misaki knows her is because he got many fans, or being famous. Being taunted by Misaki, he tells that if you beat him in a race, you can use the road as much as you want.


Its almost impossible to win this race, unless you go to the duel runner store and buy some parts. Go to the duel runner store north of you. Buy the following, I think you can still win the race with few of those parts, but make sure you get good speed.

Gamma Frame I



Feather I

(you can take the Junk Frame, but it got very low endurance, I think it can only resist 3 collision.)

Equip those parts then go back to the blond to begin your race. You can retry as much as you want. After you beat him, he ran away, and Toru told us that the Duel Runners were acting funny and got pushed too hard. Crow ran toward the group and introduced himself to Toru and Misaki. Since Crow saw that the duel runners are not working well, he will repay his debt by bringing Yusei to repair em at the garage. Yusei came to the garage, noticing you, and Toru noticed that it was him that supplied the parts. Crow and Yusei told that they will fix it tomorrow. After a while, Klaus will enter the garage bringing some bad news, he gives you a 'Letter from Nico' which only reads 'HELP'. Since Toru and Misaki's duel runners don't work well, they told you to go to crash town to see what happened.


Chapter 5 ~Going Home~ Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope

(You will unlock a new duel music, along with a card pack called Crossroad of Chaos, there is Morphtronic monsters in there, Plaguespreader Zombie, along with some Plant types and their support, also Psychic. it also contains Synchro Monsters, especially Black Rose Dragon, I replaced Light Gazer with Black Rose Dragon and 1 zaborg for a Plaguespreader)

Go north toward the hideout. You will see West and Nico, they told you that their dad didn't came back, ever since he found a way to make money at Malcolms, his position is not known as West looked everywhere and told he ran into Kalin.


A flashback showed, showing West, and saw Kalin, which he looks stranger and more silent than last time you saw him. Kalin told me that Team Satisfaction don't exist anymore, and tells West to get out of Crash Town because if he stays nothing good will come of it. West is not leaving since he is waiting for his dad. Nico told him to hurry up and follow her.


West told you that he didnt seen him since then, plus that Nico stays there in the hideout and told you about Malcolm and Ramon. She ask you to go to Malcolm's, simply to ask where their dad is. Go south, at the 4 way path, go west and then enter the huge building. Investigate the table to the far left, you'll find a Spell Shattering Arrow card. Talk to the guy at the north-east corner, he will tell you that he is busy and getting ready for daily duels against Ramon Group. If you beat him in a duel, he will let you meet him.


Seluga - Silent Swordsman - 1210 Rating - 605 DP

As the name implies, he will use a Silent Swordsman deck, along with some cards that can negate yours, such as Doomcalibur Knight and Thunder King Rai-Oh. Traps will be hard to trigger since he may have Royal Decrees waiting. He got Shining Angels too, and some light monsters, which means there is Honests in his deck, just use your destruction cards wisely. He got Quick Spells too, such as Book of Moon and Enemy Controller. Watch out for his Limit Reverse card, which he can ressurect his Silent Swordsman lvl3 to get himself a invulnerable to spell monster next turn.


After your victory, he will let you see Malcolm, but as he was next to both of you during the whole duel, he come to you and wondering what you wanted, but before you say something, you gotta beat him in a duel. Go duel him and show him who's boss.


Malcolm - The Secret of X - 1280 rating - 640 DP

He uses a X-Saber deck and its support, he may synchro summon some monsters so get your Bottomless Trap Holes and destruction traps ready. Saber Slash may be annoying, and some of the X-Saber cards are powerful especially their traps. He don't have much strong monster he can summon by itself, so its gonna be a easy fight.



After your victory, Malcolm will tell that you are good and ask for you joining,  he will tell you where Sergio is if you win tomorrow's duel. Go to the hideout, and go see West and Nico, once you tell the news.

-That day, you talked to nico and west all night long.-

-The Next Day-

After you done talking to Nico and West, go back to Malcolms, and tell that you are ready. Once outside, you will see Ramon and another person arrive saying that you look weak. (I just love how everyone judges duelists by how they look.) You will see Kalin arrive, which will face you, he remembers you, he is down because he let some people down, and if he lose this duel he can bury his hope forever, so duel your old friend to a duel!


Kalin Kessler - Master of Demise - 1360 Rating


Typical Infernity deck that isen't meta, you can have a really hard time later in the duel when his hand is empty, he got infernity support and powerful cards that have discard card as a cost. If you lose this duel, its a game over for you so its a pretty hard duel, depending on luck. His facedown monsters can be Necromancers (2000 def) and things will go harsh once hand is empty when he controls the field. What I am trying to say is defeat this guy quickly. His field may wield many cards that are facedown spell cards, so memorize where he put his cards when he didnt need to empty for having his hands empty. Sometimes a Morphing Jar can be useful.


After Kalin lost, Yusei will come out of the Flower Shop, saying that whoever wins dosen't matter and tells you all to get out as fast as you can. Barbara will come and tell that real men has power and you see a bunch of people walking toward you. Malcolm said it was a plan for them to take over the town, and send all duelist they have to the mine to work, and say that Sergio is there and tells Ramon that his brother Lawton will come tomorrow for his training.


After you get sent to the mines, you will find Sergio. He tells you that theres nothing to do but work.  Go to the left and you will find Yusei and Kalin, Yusei found a hole that lead to outside. Sergio comes and tells that they shouldn't try escaping because it wont work. He say that he will die here and ask you to tell his kids West and Nico that he is sorry. Yusei is convincing Sergio not to give up. Sergio finally realized not to give up and then walk to a narrow road, a boulder fells and then Sergio pushes Kalin out of the way, rescuing him, while he got knocked by that boulder. While he is hanging on the ledge, he cant really have some help because the others cant reach him. Kalin and Sergio had a conversation about providing hope to the people and he reminds him of his achievements. He said that he can save the town and believes in Kalin. Once he falls, after Yusei and your character comes back, Kalin explains that the town needs saving and to protect the kids.


Follow the road, and check west after you go down, you will find a Star Chip. Go outside! Once you go outside, you will find Toru and Misaki. Toru is telling that there is a war in the town. They tell you to go there as soon as possible. Kalin is counting on you. Once you arrive at the Town, Malcolm's henchman will tell that the war has started and will belong to Malcolm. Once Yusei starts to duel the random guy, you will have to walk 2 steps at the north just to get interrupted by Kalin saying where are the kids. He didnt knew there was a hideout and Ramon walks toward both of you. Saying that any weakling is asking for a beating. Kalin leaves you behind heading north and Ramon will tell you to duel him. Once you are ready, talk to him to duel.


Ramon - Treasure Digger - 1320 Rating

Its a Crystal Beast deck! That includes all 7 Crystal Beasts and the Rainbow Dragon, also with its support. Ironically, he got alot of Trap Cards, that may clog up his Crystal Beasts. Also Burden of the Mighty. Remove from play trap cards that removes his Crystal Beasts are awesome, if you let him have 2 CB in the S/T zone, he will activate more cards. The trick is to not let him have many CB in the S/T.  He also got Ramon, Lord of Striking Thunder as his Key Card, a huge 4000 atk beatstick. Just keep your cool and you will win.


Ramons run away, pretending to be a draw. One step to the north will get you interrupted again, seeing Kalin winning against Malcolm. He told you that he won. Lawton will come from behind and he will take you both and Kalin at once. Get ready for a unfair duel then speak to him. Unfair? You will see why he said he gonna start with 10 cards. Save before you duel.

Lawton -  Combat Realist - 1400 Rating

Probably the most annoying duel you'll ever play... This duelist will annoy you, its a burn deck, and uses the 10 card advantage for it. Having the Des Wombat Misaki give you after her duel the first turn will make him cry. You may even lose the first turn, so don't blame yourself if you lose. Luckily for you, he uses also weak spells that inflict damage such as Spark. Empty your hand before attacking, because you may fall into Des Koala. When he says that you are lucky when you beat him, take it as a compliment...


Lawton regrets going 2vs1, and he says his plans is to win the war, he calls everyone to work, and Kalin said that Lawton is a disgrace as a duelist, while he says he is a Realist, he said he will do anything to win the war no matter the cost, now he told the people to gather around him....noone is coming.

Then Crow went like "yeh yeh we hear ya!" Jack came on the opposite of Crow then follow by Yusei in a Triangle standpoint. Lawton tries to escape on the only option he could but Misaki and Toru blocked him. Finally sector securities came, along with Trudge and Mina and took him and the rest of the town gangs including Malcolm and Ramon.

Kalin vows to change the town to "Satisfaction Town" and told the story of the kids father falling while they were at the mine. The story moves on.

Chapter 6 - Changes - Preparing for the Tournament and a Looming Shadow.

We will move on to events from this point foward because as you can tell the narrator of this walkthrough have changed.

Your first event is to go return Yusei's Fudo tools. Right before you went to Satisfaction Town of the Malcolm and Ramon fued, Toru's duel runner had some sort of panics. Cow had envited Yusei to come to to your garage, then that's where you left things and went back to Crash Town.

**On the side note of Crash Town and Satisfaction town it's actually the same town, but I'm using their named as past and present. The past is Crash Town, and the present is Satisfaction Town**

Now there are a Book of Moon Card to pick up at this moment. Its is found from the Mine of Satisfaction Town, so go on and get it whenever you get the chance. At Satisfaction Town on Ramon's Restaurant, you can find a 1500 DP code prize also.

From this point on you unlock a new place called FOUNTIAN PLAZA. Head Southeast, you should find an entrance to something. There, you arrived at Yusei's garage looking at him like he's fixing his covered duel runner or admiring it. Don't worry about him yet, go up till you find another exit door. Outside you will find a man - giving you three options to select a prize. The middle one of course is THE KEY, called "Lucky Item". Now take it and head back to speak to Yusei.

Once you spoke to Yusei, he'll thank you for bringing the tools. Then Trudge and Mina will come introducing themselves. Trudge Vice Chief Investigator, and Mina her Superior, Sector Chief. They are reporting that there have been attacks on Turbo duelist recently (and I'm suprised on how Trudge is reporting this, because on the anime he was the first victim of it). So they warn you to keep off sight from Turbo Dueling and racing. Right after they left, a new character named Bruno appears, and Yusei explains to you on how he's helping out fixing his duel runners and all. Like you needed to hear that for returning a tool.

Go back to your appartment to the 4th Floor on the left. You'll find a door that's always lock. There you will find 5 treasure piece to pick up. Suit Style, 2x Starchip, Shield Wing and KPC-200x. On the table you will find Revive King Ha Des. After you have finished picking up these items you go back to your shop. Listen to the Dialog about what you just heard from the sectors chiefs and you will unlock a new place called OUTER RIM.

Head there and your first item to find is a Rose, Warrior of Revenge card. Then follow along talking to Toru. Once you spoke to Toru, Misaki will arrive, then you will beging your practice WRGP Race. But then it isn't a race, and what the sector chiefs told you was right. Ghost appeared. HE challenged you to a duel upon where you must summoned a Meklord Emperor.  That's a game glith of course. It's meant that he must summon a Meklord Emperor and its similar to the Marik event in Nightmare Trabadour with the Wing Dragon of Ra. Also to add you dont have to be worried about destroying his monsters because he will do it on his own. Also he doesn't have no rating points so I can neither tell if it's between 0 or 100.

Monsters: 25

3 Ally of Justice Quarantine

3 Ally of Justice Nillfier

3 Ally of Justice Core Destroyer

3 Ally of Justice Unlimiter

3 Meklord Emperor Wisel Infinity

3 Ally Salvo

2 Ally of Justice Garadholg

1 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader

1 Ally of Justice Thunder Armor

1 Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway

1 Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher

1 Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher


Speed Spells: 12

3 Speed Spell - Book of Moon

2 Speed Spell - Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Speed Spell - The End of the Storm

2 Speed Spell - Allure of Darkness

1 Speed Spell - Special Hurricane

1 Speed Spell - Shrink

1 Speed Spell - Heavy Storm


Traps: 5

3 DNA Transplant

2 Destruct Potion


But here's a good deck to use against him.

Monsters: 16

3 Cyber Dragon

2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

2 Green Gadget

1 Machina Fortress

1 Machina Gearframe

1 Machina Peacekeeper

2 Red Gadget

3 Thunder King Rai-Oh

2 Yellow Gadget

Spells: 9

1 Speed Spell - Book of Moon

1 Speed Spell - Creature Swap

2 Speed Spell - Hammer Shot

2 Speed Spell - Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Speed Spell - Pot of Avarice

2 Speed Spell - Shrink


2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Call of the Haunted

3 Dimensional Prison

1 Mirror Force

2 Raigeki Break

2 Sakuretsu Armor

2 Seven Tools of the Bandit

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Torrential Tribute

After that duel Misaki was furious of the term Ghost, then left. Crow came and ask to practice with you and Toru. They will Turbo duel you. Your first duel is with Akiza, then Follow by Crow. Here's their decks below.

Akiza Izinski


Feel the Wind



Monsters: 24

3 Naturia Cherries

3 Botanical Lion

2 Revival Rose

2 Lord Poison

2 Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

2 Gigaplant

2 Lonefire Blossom

2 Blue Rose Dragon

1 Koa'ki Meiru Gravirose

1 Spore

1 Glow-Up Bulb

1 Twilight Rose Knight

1 Naturia Rosewhip

1 Dandylion


Speed Spells: 7

2 Speed Spell - Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Speed Spell - Creature Swap

1 Speed Spell - Smashing Ground

1 Speed Spell - Harpie's Feather Duster

1 Speed Spell - Monster Reborn


Traps: 9

2 Dimensional Prison

2 Blossom Bombardment

1 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Proof of Powerlessness

1 Seven Tools of the Bandit

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck: 8

3 Black Rose Dragon

3 Splendid Rose

2 Queen of Thorns


Crow Hogan


Driven on Blackwing



Monsters: 21

3 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame

3 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North

3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear

3 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow

3 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn

1 Blackwing - Zephyrus the Elite

1 Blackwing - Calima the Haze

1 Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor

1 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

1 Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak

1 Blackwing - Jin the Rain Shadow


Speed Spells: 7

2 Speed Spell - Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Speed Spell - Book of Moon

1 Speed Spell - Giant Trunade

1 Speed Spell - Speed Force

1 Speed Spell - Monster Reborn

1 Speed Spell - Angel Baton


Traps: 12

2 Icarus Attack

2 Trap Stun

2 Delta Crow - Anti Reverse

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Dimensional Prison

1 Blackback

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck: 12

3 Blackwing Armor Master

3 Blackwing Armed Wing

3 Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant

3 Black-Winged Dragon


After those duels, Crow will ask you to go on and race him. Just as soon as you finished the race, a Mysterious Turbo Duelist  appears and told you that the battle you fought with Ghost is yet to come. You will need to evolve your turbo dueling experience.

After that event, you end up on your apartment on the next day. Clause is complaining about people riding duel runers on the roof? last night. Go to your garage, all the runers all stolen!! Misaki came and blame Toru for snoring too lound. She doesn't know the difference between a motor engine and a person snoring blaming on Toru. The team went to look for clues and you are sent to talk to Yusei.

When you arrived at Yusei's garage, you found non other than Jack Atlas complaining that his runner is too stolen, along with the two sector chiefs, Trudge and Mina. Then you are sent to look for more clues at the SATELITE place.

Of course now it's a new place because you were never there before, but you have been there back then when you were at Clash Town upon doing a quest to get Toru a duel runner part. Back then the city was still crappy, so now it looks like soo clean and neat. All the way up talking to the wall when you first arrive, you can find Dark Bribe. On the brige you can find a starchip. and moving along somewhere in the middle going west you can find a Solemn Warning. And if you moved down you should find 1000 DP code also.

Once you arrived at a crappy old place all the way South, then you are in the right place. Go to that fake shop where you got involved on Toru's request and interrogate that guy you find. After you beat him he'll start talking that a guy named Syd sold him certain part and he's found at the PORT.



Masterful Magician



Monsters: 22

3 Apprentice Magician

3 Night's End Sorcerer

3 Magical Exemplar

3 Crusader of Endymion

3 Old Vindictive Magician

2 Frequency Magician

2 Geomancer of the Ice Barrier

1 Defender, the Magical Knight

1 Toon Gemini Elf

1 Breaker the Magical Warrior


Spells: 14

3 Magical Citadel of Endymion

3 Spell Power Grasp

3 Toon Table of Contents

2 Magical Dimension

1 Monster Reborn

1 Arcane Barrier

1 Mystical Space Typhoon


Traps: 4

2 Pitch-Black Power Stone

1 Magician's Circle

1 Magical Explosion


Extra Deck: 6

3 Arcanite Magician

3 Tempest Magician



Now you unlock a new place called the PORT. Go there as you proceed further, you find your avatar sneek behind a container and listening to two goons talk

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Reply nick mypher
12:51 PM on August 20, 2011 
how to find sergio in the second playthrough? the guy in front of the mine didn't mention about seeing a ghost...i didn't make Toru my tag partner as well...
Reply david
12:01 PM on August 17, 2011 
Setah says...
How do you get past the battle royal thing when the army of ghosts start trying to destroy all the duel runners?

easy put a high defense cart and keep hitting walls
Reply ?????
8:57 PM on July 31, 2011 
Aldi Sevenfoldism says...
i have finished the story. . . and it just took 2 days. . .

Reply Nala
2:58 AM on July 28, 2011 
how do you get a partner after story mode?
i want akiza
Reply dary
1:38 PM on July 20, 2011 
what do boosters look like in the battle royale?
Reply alex
9:12 PM on July 14, 2011 
Setah says...
How do you get past the battle royal thing when the army of ghosts start trying to destroy all the duel runners?
buy and use boosters for your runner
Reply alex
9:00 PM on July 14, 2011 
Setah says...
How do you get past the battle royal thing when the army of ghosts start trying to destroy all the duel runners?
You need to get ahead of them by using booster when you see them
Reply paah
2:46 PM on July 10, 2011 
although the game is good i reckon for the wrgp bit i think that you should pick the order and then spectate the duels until it is your turn like on the anime
Reply legacy
1:12 AM on June 27, 2011 
you upgrade your runner wih a shield
Reply Setah
8:30 PM on June 20, 2011 
How do you get past the battle royal thing when the army of ghosts start trying to destroy all the duel runners?
Reply Setah
8:30 PM on June 20, 2011 
How do you get past the battle royal thing when the army of ghosts start trying to destroy all the duel runners?
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